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Stand Alone Laser Marking Enclosures

For flexibility in any industrial environment, CBO Systems Inc. is Southern Ontario’s premier supplier of long-lasting stand alone laser marking enclosures. Our stand alone enclosures are easily assembled and can be adapted for use with such other industrial applications as gantry or robot tending. Designed to endure the most rugged industrial processes, our stand alone laser marking enclosures feature the following characteristics:

  • Safety door interlock
  • Tower computer (optional)
  • Keyboard & monitor arm
  • Rugged & attractive fabricated metal design
  • Transverse laser head mounting for convenient loading & unloading
  • Air conditioning (optional) for laser controller
  • Work lamp
  • 115VAC/60Hz
  • Optional 2D matrix verification & grading
  • And much more

In order to adapt your laser parameters to the position and geometry of your parts or finished products, our stand alone enclosures work in conjunction with our integrated vision systems for distinct laser marks. Our company’s engineering team can custom design many styles of stand alone laser marker enclosures to perfectly suit your unique requirements. Please contact us and speak with one of our laser marking enclosures specialists to learn more about our stand alone enclosures, or our custom design enclosures or tabletop enclosures. Feel free to inquire about our company's industrial controls systems and special purpose machines too!

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