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Custom Design Laser Marking Enclosures

Our company understands that your industrial process may have unique needs, which is why our engineering department offers custom design laser marking enclosures. Our custom design enclosures will ensure that your laser marker meets required cycle times, and can easily be adapted to suit your desired footprint. CBO Systems Inc.’s custom design laser marking enclosures feature:

  • A modular wall design for quick & easy setup
  • Fully protective capabilities
  • Sturdy support frames
  • Automatic / manual laser safety doors
  • Dual channel manual or automatic controls
  • Covered gaps
  • Viewing windows
  • High-grade safety glass
  • Robotic loading, orientation, grading, & high speed options

All of our custom design enclosures come with a dependable PLC rating, and fully comply with PHSR and CSA standards. Our custom design laser marking enclosures are produced exclusively with your organization’s industrial application in mind, and can be assembled in your industrial facility by a member of our engineering team. Contact us to speak with a member of our laser marking enclosures crew for more information, and ask about our company’s tabletop enclosures, stand alone enclosures, special purpose machines, and controls systems as well.

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