special purpose machine

Special Purpose Machine

The key measure of any industrial organization’s success is productivity. A company’s ability to monitor stock levels, costs, ship dates, and other information integral to their manufacturing process is crucial. To determine where inefficiencies lie and enhance production quality levels, data needs to be compared at all levels of the operation. Numerous businesses throughout Southern Ontario use special purpose machines from CBO Systems Inc. to gather information that can improve performance and efficiency. With more than 25 years of combined experience with laser marking enclosures, and troubleshooting competitive special purpose machines, exapmles: Servo presses, assembly use off the machines shelf software to deliver real time and historical data. Our full suite of special purpose machines include:

Inspection equipment

With their colour LCD monitors, high tech cameras, intelligent lighting design, efficient operating speeds, and easy to use interfaces, our inspection equipment allows industrial companies to maintain their manufacturing processes without compromising quality. Our image based inspection equipment checks for such important production requirements as label accuracy, barcode readability, package integrity, and much more. Because your Southern Ontario industrial needs grow and your applications change, our inspection equipment is designed to support the addition of integral features.

All of our special purpose machines, inspection equipment, are professionally assembled and integrated with your existing industrial facility and manufacturing equipment. Our staff of qualified engineers can also custom design special purpose machines for one-of-a-kind industrial applications, and will provide training to ensure effective operation. Allow our company to release the true potential of your resources and capital, and contact us with any questions you may have regarding our special purpose machines. Ask about our laser marking enclosures that include tabletop enclosures, stand alone enclosures, and custom design enclosures, as well as our controls systems.

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