With more than 25 years of combined experience designing, supplying, installing, programming, and testing such laser marking enclosures as tabletop enclosures, stand alone enclosures, custom design enclosures, as well as special purpose machines, CBO Systems Inc. offers a complete inventory of controls systems. Our fully automated controls systems are suitable of use in a variety of Southern Ontario industries including chemical processing, packaging, pharmaceutical manufacturing, automotive and more. The following controls systems are sure to improve your company’s productivity:

Programmable logic controllers (PLC)

Playing an integral role in such manufacturing processes as assembly lines, our programmable logic controllers can be applied to robotic devices or any other type of activity that is in need of process fault diagnosis and high reliability control. Our compact, rack, or modular style PLCs are essentially automated digital computers that allow you to change or replicate your industrial process while gathering and relaying vital information. They are also that are compatible with most industrial networks and software. Easy to program and use, and capable of withstanding harsh environments, our programmable logic controllers are available in AC or DC voltage, feature large memories, and can be installed remotely or locally. CBO Systems Inc. also offers PLC upgrades and programming / refitting services.

Human machine interfaces (HMI)

Another of our controls systems offerings are human machine interfaces which permit users to interact with their programmable logic controllers in real time. Our state-of-the-art HMIs are perfect for most any industrial application, and are easily integrated into existing hardware. Expertly designed by the automation industry’s leading manufacturers, our human machine interfaces feature easy to use displays with keypads and text-readout, capacitive switches, or large touchscreen panels. Our HMIs enable users to accurately monitor production in order to improve overall efficiency. In order to promote safety, comfort, and functionality within your industrial facility, our engineers also training in the effective use of all our human machine interfaces.

Machine vision systems

Image-based inspection is important for applications like part feature presence / absence monitoring, process control, component analysis, code presence verification, error proofing, robot guidance, quality verification, part mark grading and verification, and more. With high-grade resolution and sensitivity, our machine vision systems withstand the harshest of Southern Ontario industrial environments. Our machine vision systems include vision sensors, 2D vision cameras, and 3D vision displacement sensors, and can be custom designed by our controls engineering team for your unique application.

Medical marijuana PLC control systems

Featuring fast operating abilities, large memories, and local or remote installation, our medical marijuana PLC control systems are easy to program and use, and are compatible with most medical marijuana grow room software and networks. Our fully integrated medical marijuana PLC control systems will consistently monitor, control, track, log, and adjust your grow room’s HVAC system, humidity levels, lighting, plumbing and electrical systems, and generators, and will help to prevent issues from harmful mold and pests. Custom engineered and designed to meet your exact specification, our modular, rack, and compact style medical marijuana PLC control systems are available in AC or DC voltage, and will help you grow the healthy and vibrant cannabis crops you desire. CBO Systems Inc. also offer medical marijuana PLC control systems upgrades, as well as programming and refitting services.

The engineers at CBO Systems Inc. will assemble our programmable logic controllers, human machine interfaces, machine vision systems, and medical marijuana PLC controls systems, which can be customized with the help of automation system industry experts Opus Automation and Keyence to further optimize your industrial process. To further explore the variety of controls systems that we offer, contact us and speak with one of our staff. Ask about our company’s special purpose machines, and our laser marking enclosures including custom design enclosures, tabletop enclosures, and stand alone enclosures.

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